Pernod Ricard and 34 launch a responsible drinking selfie

Drunk driving is one of the biggest threats to road safety in South Africa. As a responsible alcohol distributor, Pernod Ricard is dedicated to raising awareness of the dangers of drunk driving. In fact, Pernod Ricard worldwide dedicates one day a year to educate all employees about responsible drinking. This year saw the 4th annual Responsib’All Day and was marked with the launch of ‘Wise Drinking’, the first global digital application promoting responsible drinking.

In the words of Charl Bassil, Marketing Director of Pernod Ricard, “We consider the annual Responsib’All Day non-negotiable. Responsible alcohol marketing is so much more than the legal line below a piece of advertising, and we want every one of our employees to understand that.”

It’s very apparent that internally, there is an overwhelming dedication to promote alcohol responsibly. Now it was time to allow that dedication to make its way into popular culture.

The team at 34, Pernod Ricard’s shopper marketing partner on the Absolut brand, realised one important flaw of responsible drinking communication; that it happens away from the consumption moment. Print, billboards, radio and TV ads get people to take notice only when they’re sober.

They introduced a responsible side to the ultimate party pic by creating the Bar Selfie – a simple, cheap cardboard accessory for all smartphones. It leveraged the only thing drunk drivers respond to – being behind bars. Place it over your smartphone, snap your selfie and see the effect of drunk driving.

“It was all about using natural party behaviour to change the way people think about drunk-driving”, said Wilton Ackeer, CD at 34.

The cheap handout sparked responsible online activity as people shared their Bar Selfies and accepted responsibility with #acceptresponsibility. What’s more, anyone who used the hashtag also stood the chance of winning a designated driver subscription – making sure there was reward for making a responsible choice.

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