Betway bets on 34° in Kenya

Betway, one of the world’s largest online and mobile betting platforms, launched in Kenya in late 2015. But in a sports betting market that is saturated with betting brands and dominated by SportPesa, Betway needed to stand out from the clutter and ultimately differentiate itself as a brand that the Kenyan market could resonate with.

Betway embarked on a journey with 34° and using their proprietary research tools, the strategic team got stuck into the betting market and unearthed the mindsets, attitudes and behaviours that drove brand selection. 

Ultimately, the team discovered that whilst sports betting does indeed deliver on a functional need of a second income, the behaviour actually means so much more than that: sports betting is an activity that is relished and shared among friends and social circles. It is not an isolated pastime, but instead it is a behaviour that friends enjoy as a collective, egging one another on and celebrating winning, together. 

It became clear throughout the process that Betway needed to step out of a functional approach that the rest of the market was serving up in and focus on the emotion of friends coming together and participating in sports betting. Courtesy of Betway, of course! 

Essentially, this insight led to Betway’s new positioning and campaign line: Champions Unite, with Betway and on 13 August 2016, on the eve of the IPL, the brand relaunched with a bang! 

With a full 360° campaign including TV, radio, press, OOH, activation and digital, Betway’s Champions Unite hit the streets of Kenya. 

Business Lead, Jason Kramer, is fully behind their new marketing strategy and proud of their creative campaign: “34° played a key role in developing a strong and relevant positioning for our brand which we were very excited to take to market.” 

In a market where all sports betting brands are screaming the functional, trying to top one another with the best odds and jackpots, stepping away from the category norm is brave. But challenger brands need to be brave, and in a vibrant market like Kenya, this tactic is no less important. 

In order to stand out from the “same-old” and mean something completely different, Betway needed to do something completely different. 

And they did. 

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