Five Powerful Shifts in South African Shopper Behaviour

In the past year alone there has been a fundamental shift in shopper behaviour. Although monthly shops remain the key shopper occasion for most South Africans, top-ups have shifted from being weekly to bi-weekly and basket value has dropped by nearly R20*. 

These days, consumers have more power. Shoppers make the purchasing decisions in-store but product choice is strongly influenced by those at home.  

The demand for convenience is causing a step-change in the category which is, in turn, changing shopping behaviour. Forecourts, grocers, and wholesalers are all having to cater to this newfound demand for convenience by transforming into all-in-one destinations or re-looking their store format and location entirely.

We are also seeing shoppers make trade-offs between category products, trade down, and shop around for the best deal. For most of us, it’s become commonplace to go to Checkers to get our meat, Pick n Pay to stock up on cleaning products, and Shoprite for frozen goods – our grocery cupboards are being filled with items from different stores. The more shoppers shop around, the more they are putting private label items into their baskets, driving rapid growth and product line expansion for the country’s biggest retailers. 

So, what does this mean for brands? As shoppers search for quality and savings, value and convenience are more important than ever.

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