BTL, the explosive channel for brands wanting results, fast

Businesses and brands striving to unlock profitable transactions are looking to below-the-line for an accountable, immediate, and cost-effective marketing vehicle that delivers. 

Johanna Mcdowell, CEO of IAS and managing partner SCOPEN Africa comments: “In our 2019 Agency Scope study, with data collected from more than 220 CMO’s in South Africa, we have learned that the proportion of marketing spend going to below-the-line has increased since 2017. Overall marketing budgets are on the increase from 2017, with the percentage of spend in below-the-line increasing to approximately one third. The split of spend is now more or less equal across above-the-line, digital, and below-the-line channels.’’

Below-the-Line (BTL) differs from other channels in its process and execution. It all starts with an idea born in the retail space. That idea is then nurtured to drive sales and build brand equity. When coupled with an effective retail activation, BTL becomes even more valuable. Activations are important additions to marketing plans as they work to change shopper behaviour at the point of purchase. 

At 34°, we develop concepts based on sound strategy, exploding them in ways that unlock profitable transactions for our clients’ businesses.

During the 2007 Rugby World Cup, Castle couldn’t claim any association due to a Heineken sponsorship, even though Castle was the official sponsor of the Boks. Our solution? A campaign whereby fans received a game card every time they bought beer. If the player on their card scored in a specific match they won cash. Our Back the Boks campaign saw a staggering 30% redemption rate and sales increase of 264%.

Trading a rugby ball for a golf ball we devised a tactical campaign for Callaway’s new game-changing hex-shaped dimple ball with the proposition ‘our golf ball travelled further’. We took over driving ranges and deployed hit squads to target customers’ cars with smashed glass decals that pushed golfers into pro shops and accounted for 75% of the sales.

For Savanna Lemon, Distell’s non-alcoholic cider, we developed a platform that broke both the conventional rules of drinking and the category itself. Our #RulesDontApply platform was utilised across TV, social media, national tastings, sponsorships, and partnerships.

Below-the-Line is more than just another channel. It’s a proactive response to the economic slowdown. Looking at your budget, where is your spend sitting?

34° is a specialist below-the-line agency within the King James Group. We believe that everything remarkable starts with a bold idea. Where that idea comes from in the Group isn’t the focus, we’re all idea lovers. What matters is exploding that idea into whichever mediums make it most powerful, ensuring spectacularly memorable brands in a world that doesn’t think in media silos.

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